TruFix + TruWeight & Energy Combo

Exciting news for TruFix + TruWeight & Energy fans. Now you can purchase our powerhouse weight loss duo in a convenient 30-day combo pack.

Many have asked if they could purchase TruFix and TruWeight & Energy in a combo pack instead of ordering separately. TruVision listened, and now it’s here!

TruFix and TruWeight & Energy are designed to be taken together for maximum weight loss results.

The TruFix supplement helps improve blood chemistry, such as blood sugar and cholesterol levels, as well as aid in the general function of the liver and pancreas.

TruWeight & Energy encourages a healthy reduction in body fat by revving up your metabolism without causing the jitters and undesirable side-effects seen in so many weight loss supplements. It’s designed to maximize energy and enhance mental clarity.

Now instead of the hassle of needing to purchase both products separately, you can purchase them together for more convenience.  Instead of searching for where you left one product box or the other, now your TruVision weight loss products will always be together in a single box.


TruVision Health Weight Loss Combo


How to Take Your TruFix and TruWeight & Energy Combo Pack

Take one capsule of each TruFix and TruWeight&Energy 20-30 minutes before breakfast, and drink a glass of water.  At lunch, or in the early afternoon, take one capsule of each product in the same manner.  Avoid taking the capsules in the late afternoon or evening, because you may experience an energy boost that interferes with sleep.

Make sure that you your TruVision Combo Pack consistently. These products have a cumulative effect, so it’s important to take them on a regular basis. Skipping taking the supplements at their scheduled times will give you a less than optimal result.


64 thoughts on “TruFix + TruWeight & Energy Combo”

  1. I am finishing a 7 day trial and was wanting to order a 1 month supply what is the TruCombo vs TruWeight and Energy? So far I have not lost any weight so I do not want to comment to a anything more at this time. Thanks

    • The weight loss combo includes the TruFix + Weight & Energy products. TruWeight & Energy is a product by itself and is part of the weight loss combo.

      • I have a question I just ordered my first month and accidentally ordered trufix and truelevate first does that matter that I’m starting with truelevate instead of the other one

    • Tammy
      This product is meant to be a daily routine and may take longer than just 7 days to get fully into your system. If you are planning on ordering the 30 day combo, I am sure you will notice more changes during that time. This is not a product that works over night and depending on how much weight you are needing/wanting to lose, it may not show right away. It works from the inside – out, breaking down the fat that is stored in the most common areas (thighs, stomach,butt) .
      Hope this helps.

  2. Joanne I to was using plexus. It was working great at first then I gained all my weight back. My question is does this work similar to plexus.

    • I know of a product that works, but I will tell you that in order for it to work, you have to take it for 3 weeks to 1 month. That is when you will see the results. Over night or one week just does not work that way, trufix’s 7.5 trial is misleading to the public, making you think that the product 7.5 can do all that it says in 1 week, the energy part maybe but not the weightloss. Because I know it takes time for the product to work, they call this a saturation, so the body can better absorb the product in order for it to precisely work in the way it’s intended.

      • I took this product for 7.5 days and it does work in that amount of time. You have to take it consistently as well as drink alot of water. I lost 12lbs during my 7.5 day trial.

    • Is this the same as Truvision? I have the duo pack. tru weight&energy +trufix. If it is how much and where do you get it? Thanks.

  3. TruFix Weight and Energy Pk is the product I have ever used for weight loss. Its all natural, doesn’t give you a jittery feeling and I brought it to my Doctor for approval since I have high blood pressure and borderline diabetic. I was assured it was completely safe. I’m down 14 pounds in 3 1/2 weeks !!!

    • Yeah that is the one thing I wanted to know was about having High blood pressure

    • I’m a nurse and don’t drink much fluids during the day since I’m so busy and on-the-go how much water did you drink

  4. I’m on my second week of tru fix/ tru weight and I have not lost any weight. I take blood pressure medication and colesterole medication does that have anything to do with it? I exercise daily and eat less than 1500 calories a day. I take the first dose at 7 am and the second at 2 pm. What could be wrong?? Please help!!!

    • The problem maybe that you are not fueling (eating) your body enough 1500 calories especially if you exercise is not enough! I know it sound backwards… But if you eat more and eat healthy you will notice a change… Eat 5-6 times a day small portions but your body needs food that often to keep your metabolism going; versus your body storming fat from not getting enough calories.
      Also the scale is the worst form of accomplishment! Measure yourself . Hang in there be consistent and drink your recommended amount of water.

    • Wow really! I haven’t heard this. I lost 7 lbs my first week with barley any exersize

  5. I purchased both of these..I’ve been takin it for a week n ive been takin them faithfully and I eat right n there anything else i have to do while taking these pills or what am I doing wrong plz let me know..thx

    • Dont eat salt at all and ull see results I guarantee it, I starded eating healthy and in 2 months didnt loose one pound, I would season my chicken breast with knorr or any season and all those have lots of salt, buy( mr dash) walmart read the lables of ur food, make sure it doesnt have a lot of sugar, sodium I bet thats whats happening, I starded using mr dash and I dont eat yogurt anymore, or drink milk, now I use almond milk cuz even regular milk has a lot of sugar even if its one percent, I dont eat carbs after 3pm and I eat one carb in the morning, only one and only everyother day…. hope it helps!!! Pss drink a lot of water!!!!

  6. HI! I have been taking these for 3 weeks now and have lost 6lbs but am now startimg to fill bloaded. Has anyone else felt like this?

    • My daughter started taking trufix weight & energy about 2 weeks before I started.. I hit day 8 yesterday and I had some cramping and bloating, today seems much better (so far). but I dropped 13 pounds in the 8 days and my daughter has gone from a size 26-28 pants to size 22.

  7. I have been taking about 2 and half weeks, I don’t have the energy, I feel sleepy, so someone suggested taking both all4 at once, I still don’t have a lot of energy, I don’t feel my cravings are as bad………..any suggestions?

  8. Is this safe?
    I’ve been reading that some of the ingredients are banned by the FDA
    Is this true?

  9. I have been taking TruFix for 3 months now and have not lost any weight nor have nor have I experienced any energy changes???

      • Lupita, I am going to order because I heard and seen so many good results. Maybe give it a chance as long as it’s not making you sick. Or if it does can you tell me of any side effect please.

  10. I find the TruVision doesn’t make me feel great and gives me terrible headaches, has anyone found that and is that normal? I have lost weight so would like to continue for that reason but also the headaches are TERRIBLE, not sure I can continue for that reason. Ideas???

  11. I love TruVision. The first 6 weeks I lost 18 lbs. I have been taking it now for 5 months and have lost 45 lbs. My weight loss has slowed down but still losing. Didn’t lose much over the holidays but didn’t gain any. This has been the only thing that has worked for me. I love it !!!!

      • Works wonderful for me and I have tried everything. Drinks lots of water. I’ve not worked out and down 29 pounds in few months. Take consistently and don’t give up

  12. I just started my TV today. I was a little skeptical about taking so to all the negativity I have read but then I have also read that this has done great things for people & it is a chance I am willing to take. Wish me luck..

  13. hi. I had a question in reference to exactly when you are to be taking Tru Fix & Tru W&E. My weekend Am dose is not the same as my Monday-Friday timing. Are you to be taking these at the same exact time everyday? Mon-Friday I’m up at 4Am than once I get to work 20-30 minutes before I eat Breakfast I will take a dose than like 12:00 I will take a dose wait 20-30 minutes and eat my lunch. The weekends I sleep in till after 7Am I’ll get up take a dose wait 20-30 minutes than eat my breakfast & than take the dose anywhere from 12-12:30Pm. Am I taking the doses incorrectly? Any information would be great. thanks

  14. What are the ingredients in it safe to take if you have heart problems,I have a pacemaker mechanical valve and am on Coumadin.I am very skeptical about natural things .I am having trouble losing wt.I work out,drink water but I am still trying to eat healthier

    • Did you start taking it? I have a pacemaker and well and was thinking about starting it.

  15. After someone takes it for a while and gets to where they want to be do they still have to continue to take it or if they stop will they just gain the weight back again?

  16. i received my combo tru fix and tru weight and energy today…. super excited to start it tomorrow morning. I have read alot of negative comments as well good positive encouraging comments. I want to experience my own journey and hope to loose 50lbs in total. wish me luck !!!

  17. I started my truvison 2 days ago and I feel more hungry than before I started is this common or is it just me. And I am taking them correctly and drinking water. Thanks

  18. I am also to the end of my 4th week, I have not lost weight or inches..In fact, I have gained almost 5 lbs….???? I do want/need to loose a total of 20-25 lbs.
    I know it works different for everyone,but I gained in a month and still haven’t lost anything but money at this point.
    I am giving it another 2-4 weeks.
    Can you answer perhaps what I may be doing wrong???

  19. Hi my name is Robyn,I have only recieved my products yesterday and i will start on them tomorrow.My question is has anyone been on the products and have,Type 2 diabetes,Irregular heart beat along with enlarged heart and taking meds such as,Xeralto which is a blood thinner oh and hypertension.Has anyone had any problems with taking the Tru weight energy.I’d love to hear from someone thats gone through this without any problems.Kind re guards Robyn.

  20. Right now I’m taking the Alli weight loss pill will it interfere if I continue to use Alli with the tru fix

  21. This product made me sick luckily I bought it from Amazon so I got credited on my card..

  22. Hi I’m on on blood pressure med ( Lisinopril/HTCZ) Is it ok to TruVison whil on this med? thank you

  23. A friend of mine e got me a sample pack. I did not like the way it made me feel. Jittery and light headed, which then made me nauseated.

  24. I just received my 2 week trial yesterday. I understand when to take it….now do I stay on a 1500 diet…..just stay away from carbs….not sure what to eat. Please advise for best results!

    • Change the way you eat. Eat high protein items. Drink water. My good suggestion for a food guide it the” Eat This not That!” Magazine it has been help ful. Check the food labels for saturated fat content.

  25. Tru weight and energy combo gen2 gives me rapid heartbeat sadly to say

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